12 best places in Moscow

Moscow is known to be not only the capital of Russia, but also the largest city in the country. Millions of tourists from all over the world come here every year and don’t cease to be surprised by its rich history, architecture and culture. This city is so huge and dynamic that many years of living here is not enough to see everything. And yet, if you decide to visit this magnificent city, don’t forget to watch the most famous and important sights of Russian capital.

1. Red Square
The main square of Moscow, concentrated sights in its within, is very popular among tourists. Here is situated unique St. Basil's Cathedral, and Mausoleum, that attracts particular interest of foreigners, and the State Historical Museum, and the country's main store GUM.
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2. Kremlin
A long time and by the right the royal and grandiose architectural ensemble on Borovitsky hill is a symbol not only of Moscow, but throughout Russia. The south side of the Kremlin faces Moscow River, north-west to Alexander Garden, and east to Red Square. Here you can see the outlandish to the whole world Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell.
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3. St. Basil's Cathedral
In the XVI century Cathedral caused genuine delight of strangers. It doesn’t cease to amaze and contemporaries. This is not surprising, because the cathedral has preserved the greatest legacy of XVI-XIX centuries, gathered under its arches a few hundred authentic icons of Moscow and Novgorod schools. The walls of the cathedral are decorated with amazing beauty of frescoes the same period.
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4. Arbat
On this amazing street old mansions of the XIX century are still standing. Here, at every step you may meet street artists and musicians, as well as there are countless shops with souvenirs. On Arbat Street is situated a museum-apartment of Alexander Pushkin, the house-museum of M. Tsvetaeva and M. Lermontov, the famous restaurant Prague, active since 1872.
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5. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior
The main Orthodox Church, the heart of Russia. It was built in honor of Russian victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812. Christian shrine was blown up in 1931 on the orders of Stalin. Only in 1992 began intensive rehabilitation, and in 2000 the church was completely reconstructed and consecrated.
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6. Ostankino
In the north of the capital you can personally touch Moscow of the XVIII century. The main decoration of manor is the theatre, which has retained its original form in the auditorium, the stage, makeup rooms from imperial Russia times. And at the local museum, you can see the exposition of ancient icons of the XV century, and the collection of furniture of the palace interiors.
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7. Kitay-gorod
The islet of old times, carefully preserved memories of Moscow the XIV century. It is here that Mint and Print Yards were founded, and under Zaikonospassky monastery was opened Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy, the forerunner of the first university. Today, Kitay-gorod is a conservation area where the construction of modern buildings is prohibited. 
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8. Poklonnaya Gora
It was here that in 1812 Napoleon waited in vain the keys from Moscow. A century with a bit later, here was located the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Victory Monument, as well as three churches of three faiths, in honor of soldiers who died in defense of their homeland. And on Victory Square an obelisk with the goddess Nike on its top rises.
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9. Moscow Metro
A kind of underground city, amazing its pomp and splendour. The grand palaces-stations with brilliant stained glass windows, graceful paintings and exquisite mouldings were created by prominent architects of the Soviet era. The lobbies and platforms of many stations are finished with granite, marble and decorated with sculptural compositions.
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10. VDNH (VVC)
Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, or with a modern twist - All-Russian Exhibition Centre. Its heyday fell on the 60-80 years of the XX century. In addition to the exhibition halls, visitors were invited to visit the attractions, dance floors, Green Theatre, cinemas. Today VVC remains the biggest trade fair complex of the country.
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11. Kolomenskoye Park
This incredibly beautiful park is located on the territory of former residence of Russian tsars. Here there is the Church of Our Lady of Kazan, the monuments of wooden architecture, brought from across the country, Summer Theatre, and of course the Museum "Kolomenskoye", which contains items of wooden architecture. The park was named after the village of Kolomenskoye on the site which it is located.
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12. Bolshoi Theatre
This famous theatre is not only one of the largest in Russia, but also one of the world's most important opera and ballet house. It is located on Theatre Square, in the heart of Moscow. For the first time the theatre was opened in 1825, and in October 2011the governmental authorities conducted its global reconstruction.
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