About DrupalCamp CIS

DrupalCamp CIS LogoFrom 24 to 25th of August 2013 in Moscow will take place a conference DrupalCamp CIS - the main event of the year for drupallers CIS countries. Our main goal - is communication!.. DrupalCamp CIS - a place where CMS Drupal developers from different CIS countries will be able to share their knowledge, experiences and have fun together on DrupalParty :)

DrupalCamp CIS is held in the format of a two-day BarCamp (More about BarCamp movement can be found here Wikipedia), with four parallel streams of reports every day. Reports are pre-determined. Also there are some free slots for discussions (BOF). In addition, before the event will be held Codesprint.

The conference will be held at the address - 71, bld. 2B, Izmailovskoe shosse, Izmailovo Beta Hotel, Moscow (http://maps.yandex.ua/-/CVVcqG7n). Beginning at 10:00.

Highlights of DrupalCamp CIS:

  • The conference activities will be held during 2 days and within 4 parallel streams. We are planning to hear about 40 - 50 reports.
  • The conference program is formed by the participants of the conference. Each participant can offer an interesting topic or own report.
  • In addition to the reports, the before the event will be held Codesprint, where everyone can participate, and this way contributing to the development of Drupal Community.
  • At the end of the first day everyone will be able to relax on DrupalParty.

The idea of ​​the conference:
The basic idea is - to share their experiences with the communities of CIS countries. This is the way we will all actively develop and grow embracing each other. Such an event is aimed at striking up new connections and active communication!

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