What is this?
This is a set of code - sprints, which will be held in different cities of CIS countries under the guidance of experienced team leaders! In order to participate - Drupal knowledge is not important. In the community there is enough work for both beginners and experienced developers.

How the teams are formed to Codesprint:
A team can be formed by anyone. Basically the participants of one team are the developers from the same town, who get together in one place. You can also participate remotely (to join an existing team and work on the Internet).

Each team will have the chat in Skype in which discussion of objectives and the work schedule will be conducted. Team leaders may slightly change the schedule of events (for example, hold it not on Saturday but on Sunday or change the start time).

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Before to organize your team read the following links:

The main theme of Sprint - Drupal 8

The objectives of the event:

  • make Drupal betterl
  • gather teams of like-minded developers to promote communities of CIS countries on
  • get to know/ have fun

Date: August 10. Beginning at 11:00 am.

If you want:

  • make drupal better,
  • actively interested in its development,
  • or you want to improve profile on,
  • or participate in team work,
  • or another million reasons (please complete yourself :)

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