Applied agile for Drupal projects (English)


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Language: English.

Over 15 years of software project experience, 100s of large projects, tens of large failures, millions of small failures, hundreds of big successes. I have been both selling and buying software projects, using project models from cowboy coding to waterfall to agile and working in projects with budgets ranging from few thousand to millions of euros. Today with more than five years of experience working exclusively on Drupal projects I'm working at Wunderkraut on some of the most complicated Drupal projects in the world. This session is all about sharing this experience.

Contents of this session:

  • 1/3 What agile is really all about and why most companies (still) do it wrong
  • 1/3 How to apply agile for Drupal and why scrum is not always perfect for Drupal projects
  • 1/3 Tools, tips and tricks that we use at Wunderkraut to make sure our projects succeed

Target audience:

  • Technical and non-technical
  • Customer and vendor

My goal for this session: To improve the success rate for Drupal projects both vendors and in-house teams.

Уровень доклада: 
Первый день
15:00 - 15:40
Зал 4 Wunderkraut