Before the event, Wunderkraut would like to make a list of the qualities and characteristics that you think describe "a great Drupaler". We need your help!

What do you need to do? Try quickly describe a Drupaler, and the knowledge (s)he needs in 3 words or less. You can find survey form here. This survey is open until August 18.

Do we... Подробнее

From 24 to 25th of August 2013 in Moscow will take place a conference DrupalCamp CIS - the main event of the year for drupallers CIS countries. Our main goal - is communication!.. DrupalCamp CIS - a place where CMS Drupal developers from different CIS countries will be able to share their knowledge, experiences and have fun together on DrupalParty :)

DrupalCamp CIS is held in the format of a two-day BarCamp (More about BarCamp movement can be found here Wikipedia), with four parallel... Подробнее

Are you a full-time student? How do you feel about getting to be a cool developer? RIDE THE WAVE!!!
DrupalCamp CIS, a conference for Web developers in CMS Drupal (one of the world’s best CMS!), will be held on 24 - 25 August in Moscow.

Admission price for the full-time students is just 150 roubles. HURRY UP! There are only 100 seats!

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